Active Early Learning Curriculum

  1. Significant improvements in vocabulary and impulse control.
  2. Improvements in behaviour with children demonstrating resilience and the ability to control their emotions.
  3. Increased competence in fundamental movement skills building confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment across a range of physical activities.
  4. Higher levels of engagement both in and out of the classroom, with improved communication, building of friendships and the ability to play together in small groups.
  5. Improvements in the ability to concentrate and focus on one task, an important requirement for school.

The Active Early Learning  (AEL) Curriculum builds the skills, knowledge and experience of educators who are in the best position to ensure the children reach their development milestones and can recognise and reward individual achievement.  


Building on existing research the Active EarlyLearning Curriculum will support a healthier future for your children. We aim to help your children on a life long health journey and we can do this together.


The development of stronger muscles and joints help not only with physical activity but also support important characteristics for transition to school, the curriculum will help our children be more ready for the challenges of day to day school demands.


Evidence from the Research group showed that active children perform better academically (20% improvement in NAPLAN). The Active Early Learning study showed children significantly increased their vocabulary skills,cognitive development and improved behaviour. Children were also able to concentrate on tasks for longer and complete activities. Supporting children as they transition to school and developing lifelong health and well-being journey